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Slythcon Story and more!

I don’t want to be working today. Who ever does, I know… but today I just feel like I am cooped up. Like for real.

It has been a rough morning too. I came in and was immediately greeted with random parking insanity. RAAARRRRRR! I hate parking issues in Richmond and I don’t even drive.

So, a little while ago I posted that Marlon Brando died… this is kind of sad to me, but I don’t know why. And not sad in the way I was overwhelmed by Reagan’s death. For what it’s worth Brando was a hottie back in the day and seems to have always been one hell of a fine actor and very devoted to the craft of acting. But walking back from lunch it occurred to me that I had seen an interview with Jack (Nicholson) where Jack had said that when he first realized he had “arrived” in Hollywood was when he noticed that he and Brando were actually neighbors. I wonder if this is a weird “punch in the gut” feeling for Jack since I always imagine (probably in more romanticized terms than I should) Jack as a Picasso-esque figure, living life so fully to avoid facing his own mortality.

See what a life I lead inside my head? Well at least it is more interesting than the one I lead day to day.

I know it has been almost a week since Slythcon and I cannot reiterate enough how great of a time I had there. It was really a blast, and I hope we’ll do it again in the not too distant future.

On that note:

So, I think most of the folks at Slythcon had a blast, I know I did despite the issues surrounding my Saturday night from which I am still recovering…

Friday was great, we got caught in pouring rain and then I made the fearful descent down the escalator of doom. Part of my eye problem is related to a lack of depth perception so it was horrifying. Then I misjudged a step and nearly slid down the bloody thing and sprained something in my leg. (It hurt until Wednesday even with Tylenol, hot baths, and Theragesic gel.) Anyway, latlut came hurrying down to tell me that rainpuddle13 had headed back to the hotel, because she wasn’t sure she could make it down given her bad knee. So we went back to the hotel while the rest of the gang headed off to the movies. We got into dry clothes and watched the news and just relaxed a bit in preparation for the slumber party.

At said slumber party everyone handed out goodies. You guys, and I mean every single one of you, amazed me with your talent and energy and thoughtfulness. The gifts were amazing! Plus, I love schwag! We all talked and ate fudge, unfortunately I was feeling a bit introverted/upset at my tummy and didn’t mingle much, so I have to remember when we do this again to circulate the room…

The next day, rainpuddle13 and I went to a late breakfast and ate at the same table as adrith (who was a wonderful roomie) and maniacalmuse. We had a good time, then after we were at a bit of a loss for what to do. Since the escalator of doom was still not working, Pud and I decided to get a bus to a metro station with an elevator or working escalator. This wasn’t a big deal, or it should not have been, but it seems getting around in D.C. is harder than it was the last time I was there (about three years ago).

We were planning to go to the WWII Memorial and to see the AIDS quilt, but we spent all day in Union Station instead, partly because I love Union Station and partly because we were saving up our energy for Saturday night… and let me tell you, I am so glad we did or I might not have made it back in one piece!

So after we got back to the hotel we had a little while to veg, then we showered and dressed for dinner and clubbing. Many of you have already read about the cabbie (you know, the one from “Afreeka” who wanted “the sex” with a desperate woman). Let me tell you that with pick up lines like that he isn’t likely to have the sex anytime soon!

Dinner was grand. Despite being spicier than expected I adored the Penne Cardinale; I kept going back for seconds, thirds, ninths, whatever… The hit of the evening was latlut in her green top and non-existent green plaid skirt. Rock on! As kirixchi has said latlut was a hit with all the boys! I too found a dance partner, and had more drinks than I probably should have, although in my defense I was sharing them with folks, including the amazing and beautiful vanyavende who had her first ever red-headed slut (it’s a drink -- don’t get any ideas!)

After a night of dancing and drink I went up to settle my bar tab, which took longer than I expected and everyone else (unbeknownst to me) headed back to the hotel in little groups. After settling my tab, I came back with a final drink, an unnamed concoction of several liqueurs and flavorings, only to discover that everyone was GONE!

After searching for them for nearly an hour, I started to get a little worried and went to ask where the nearest ATM machine was so that I could get some cash, then a cab and get the heck out of dodge! The manager at Poly Esthers in D.C. was fantastic and I am forever in her debt for her help in tracking down people and getting back safe.

So I leave the club only to be accosted a few steps away by one of D.C.’s finest who wanted to know what I had in my bra (which was just my ATM card, ID and 20 bucks from the ATM for cab fare back to the hotel). He apparently thought I was selling drugs out of my bra. Nice huh? After a series of questions and intimidating stares he let me go and I climbed into a cab with an Algerian cab driver who couldn’t speak much English, luckily the hotel wasn’t far and I knew enough French to get myself back to “l’hotel”.

I got back madder than a wet hen and I had to pee so badly I thought I was going to pass out. Luckily everyone was there to let me in and hear my tale of woe.

The next morning we grabbed brunch at Afterwards, a cool brunch place in a D.C. bookstore called Kramer’s, which was fantastic. Thanks to my adventures the night before I skipped the mimosa in favor of coffee, but it looked enticing.

After we all said our goodbyes rainpuddle13, absolut_jmo and I waited for gianfared’s van to be pulled up and we loaded up and headed back. We got lost of course, but what the hell, half the fun is getting there, right?

Enough rambling from me… for now at least!

Oh I forgot to thank annibug for the invite!
Loff you dear!
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