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..but after time has wore away the shock...

Boy the f-list has been busy this morning!

Me too, actually! Daniel got up for work this morning only to discover that the car wouldn't start, see previous entry and woke me up to tell me one of his co-workers was coming to get him and that his dad would be down in a little while to take the car to the repair shop.

So I got up, and did the following:
Did the dishes
Made the bed
Put in some laundry
Put away clean clothes
Wiped down all the flat surfaces in the bedroom
Let the dogs out, and back in, and gave them breakfast
Put away my miscellaneous purchases and Slythcon stuff from the past week
Took out some trash
Swept the kitchen
Cleared cobwebs from the front step
Put the old bed frame in the attic

Not bad, but I still need to
Tidy up my office
Tidy up Daniel's office (since my friend Tiffany and I spent last night playing Tivial Persuit and Imagine If while drinking nearly an entire bottle of Jacob's Creek, then snging Dsney tunes at the top of our lungs!)
Mow the lawn
Finish the laundry
Pay some bills

First to adrith, have a safe trip!

Next, to ladyoracle I am so glad things are going well for you, you certainly deserve the best and shouldn't settle for any less. I want you to know I have been reading and keeping up, just lacking in the commenting department. Sorries!

And to rainpuddle13 glad t hear the birthday wasn't bad! Seems we both had the weeklong birthday celebration this year!

sammyh has the cutest pic on her journal this morning! Yum ice cream goodness!

Oh and alchemine I had often wondered about the wand thing too! *shrug* Perhaps I should have had a more well thought out answer eh?

I can't forget playboy_mommy ((((hugs)))) darling!

And to some of the folks on ye olde friends list, particularly lilscamp and xink, where have you been??? *pouts* I miss you guys!
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