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I drive me crazy...

Some real life stuff I ned to get out of my system...

My husband got a promotion which is great, now hopefully we can synchronize our schedules a little better. The extra good news is he gets a raise, not a lot but enough to make a difference, so yay!

I am starting to think that I really need to decide what I am going to do with my life and get cracking on it. I can't sit around forever claiming that I am going to get that Ph.D. someday... if I don't make any real progress in that direction in two years I am going to have to find a real job that pays more than what I make now (substantially more) and dedicate myself to doing it and doing it well.

I love the new licorice flavored Altoids, the ginger ones not so much, they are okay to begin with but quickly turn into peppery grossness pooled on your tongue. Not good at all.

I only made one new year's resolution this year, one that I thought would be easy to keep, the one to try new things. Although this year hasn't been great I can say without a doubt that I have tried so many new and exciting things this year and I stil have time left. Remind me to make the same resolution next year and the next...

I am feeling crappy about my inability to drive (as I do fromtime to time) -- it hinders me from doing so many of the things I want to do -- and I am not one who is comfortable with depending on others. I don't have a good solution yet, but pretty soon I will be out of options... it either means moving into a large city with good public transport or being stuck here my entire life. Each option has its pluses and minuses so I will put this one off as long as possible and see what happens. I keep hoping someday they'll come up with a magic potion to fix my vision problem, but no such luck.

The days are starting to be noticeably shorter again, and while I am not fond of the lack of daylight the knowledge that the fall semester commences in less than a week fills me with confidence. A feeling my former boss referred to as "buy a new pair of shoes and take a quick hike across campus just for the hell of it" is a pretty apt description for my state of mind. Whee! New school stff!
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