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And all my words come back to me in shades of mediocrity...

God I love Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel...

I have not decided for sure who I will vote for, but I know what my tendency is. The evil you know is far better than the evil you don't know. It occurs to me, a feminist, largely middle of the road Republican, that this November I will likely close the curtain on my voting booth and vote for W. because I don't like the idea of switching horses in midstream, especially when the horse in question would be John Kerry.

I am not thrilled about voting for Bush, but my opinion is that the Democratic party has made Kerry into an ABB candidate (ANybody But Bush) which I don't feel is sufficient reason to vote for him despite my dislike of Bush. Didn't they learn anything from the 2000 election debacle? Do I feel that Kerry flip flops because of the Republican media machine, perhaps, but I also feel that Kerry lacks conviction and that is something that won't go away. Kerry supporters don't even believe that for the most part.

As for the Republicans I know who will be voting for Kerry (and I know a good number) it seems they have all realized that holding a four year grudge over someone getting his dick sucked inside the cherished circular walls of our oval office no longer holds its sting. They have gotten over it (and with good reason, it shouldn't have been the issue in the first place) the issue never addressed was that Clinton perjured himself and abused his power and why he or anyone else in Washington feels that they have the right to abuse their position should be the thing called into question. Bill's just a charming guy who can't help a little not so subtle flirting and enjoys a good blow job now and then and if you name five (straight) men who don't I will buy you a candy bar, ok? But it seems that with the abatement of that these people finally realize that Bush for all his morality and conviction lacks not only the intelligence that Kerry has but is actually a pretty frightening guy for his ability to silence the intelligentsia and for a number of other reasons.

So, Nader? No I can't bring myself to do that either... but either way he will be a spoiler because there will be people who will do it. So the real question is how big is the anti Bush category. I happen to feel it is pretty big and Reagan's death didn't help Bush the way he thought it would now hard core Republicans and conservative Dems are looking to the days of old when we could have a shot of working together.

I had a conversation with two friends one a rabid liberal democrat and one a fairly balanced but very liberal tending Democrat and during their "please don't vote for Dubya" speech they ended up (okay at least the moderate) admitting that the average voter in each party has more in common than they have to differ on.

So here's the thing people: (say it with me)

-We all want peace and prosperity, we just disagree on how to achieve it.

Let's remember that, shall we?

And no matter who I vote for this election. I vow to work for two good candidates next time around ... it's time we didn't have to choose the lesser of two evils.
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