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Praise Comcast

Thanks to Comcast and a little cooperation from mother nature (no more rain yet) I have cable and internet service back. Yay! I felt kind of bad about even feeling that way when I know people without power and water, hell I know people who lost parts of their homes and over 250 homes were apparently completely demolished... It is very sad, but for now I am celebrating the joy of having internet back!

I really do have to get up some of my digital pics from the hurricane, they are unbelievable. The storm itself wasn't as bad as you might think but the drought last year and the exceedingly high amounts of rainfall this year have made for weak roots systems right at the surface of the soil so many, many trees came down.

Things I have Learned from Isabel:
*I have discovered that I like electricity far too much!
*I have discovered that my imagination can't be as good as I once believed it to be.
*I have discovered that one of my first thoughts was the same as my husband's grandmother whom I dislike quite a bit for her insensitivity (Our mutual observation was that hurricane + no power = Lots of babies being born in nine months!)
*Food will last for about three days in my freezer if it is only opened during dire emergencies, maybe four days, but that is really pushing it...
*My dear poor puppies do not like hurricanes, tornadoes, or power outages :(
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