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Thanks for pointing this out to me!

A friend pointed this interesting tidbit out to me. My husband and I watched most of the race, but ended up hearing the finish on the radio. So we missed out on this!

(Kurt) Busch, who also gambled on having enough gas at the end, came a lap short and wound up 18th.

Busch had more problems after the race when Jimmy Spencer hit his car from behind and turned it around on pit road, then went up to Busch's car and allegedly punched him in the face.

NASCAR talked with both drivers and said it would look into the matter further today.

A spokesman for the Lenawee County Sheriff's Dept. said the department was considering filing assault charges against Spencer.

See for an update

All of this a week after I was so proud of my driver, Jeff Gordon, for holding his temper at Watkin's Glen.
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