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Last Night

So I was going to post on this as soon as I got home, but I had a massive headache and as soon as I was undressed I plummeted into the bed.

Last night they held the 2nd First Novel Forum in the Commons, the winner of the First Novel Award was an older woman named Isabel Zuber, whose first novel was a book called Salt. She read a couple of brief passages and I got my book signed and was able to talk to her for a bit after the forum/panel discussion. It was really nice. Plus, a firend of mine, who went with me has known Isabel since childhood, so I had an "in" so to speak.

I saw a bunch of former professors and it was nice to catch up with everyone. I also mingled with a lot of current grad students.

There was also a drawing, a $125 value, for two tickets to attend a fund-raising barbecue tomorrow with a pretty well-known Virginia novelist T. R., now I know a number of folks who don't like him and while submitting my entry I looked over at one of them and said "Woohoo, T. R." she smirked at the comment and then someone walked up behind us and said "What's that? They're barbecuing T. R. on Sunday?" I thought we would fall in the floor we were laughing so hard, guess we aren't the only ones who have heard horror stories or had a bad experience. Oh well, at least the folks willing to pay $125 a ticket will be helping raise funds for the library.

It was fun, lots of laughing, wine, some hellaciously good crab dip, and they're going to barbecue a novelist! LOL! Does my English department know how to throw a party or what?
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