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New Resolution

My husband assures me that this will last for all of three days but here goes:


I am going to spend less time worrying about things I cannot control, more time doing the things I love and while I am doing the things I love I am going to enjoy every damn second of it! So there!

Okay now that that is off my chest. I think I want to make sure my husband and I go to Carlisle Pennsylvania for the big Mopar show next July. We went to the local cruise in last night adn there were two other Dodge Challengers there. This is an extremely rare event and a bunch of the other Dodge folks were talking about Carlisle. I know my husband has always wanted to go but never made the trip, so I am thinking it would be good for him.

Plus, I got to talking to the wife of one of the guys who brought his Challenger down last night and car shows, especially cruise in type deals, are just like being back in high school. Nothing but cliques. All the camaro guys in one camp, the Mustang guys in another, people with pre 1950's cars in yet another. Dodges are really rare around here so usually the one or two Dodge owners there just stand beside their car all night, kinda sad really.
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