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Encourage you to do this

Vote for the Top Ten Most Important Documents in United States History

They have some pretty interesting choices...

I chose:

*Marbury v. Madison
*The Constitution
*John Glen's official transcripts from space
*Brown v. Board of Education
*Creation of the United Nations
*Patent for the cotton gin
*Lousianna Purchase
and three others, that I cannot recall right now.

I was surprised that the Scopes trial and Miranda v. Arizona weren't on there. I think I would have definitely voted for those.


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Oct. 5th, 2003 11:15 am (UTC)
I would have liked to have voted for 12 instead of only 10.

  • The Monroe Doctrine
  • Roosevelt's Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine
  • The Marshall Plan
  • The Bill of Rights
  • The 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution
  • The 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution
  • The Virginia Plan
  • The Constitution of the United States
  • The Homestead Act
  • Marbury v. Madison

The Civil Rights Act and Brown v. B.O.E. should have been on my ballot too, but 10 is too few. ;)

Interesting survey. I was surprised at some of the documents that they neglected to include and some of the ones that were included-- neglecting to include Washington's farewell address, which was much more important to later developments in US policy than most of the speeches listed on that ballot, but including his first inaugural speech was very, very odd.
Oct. 5th, 2003 08:05 pm (UTC)
I agree
I wish I could have chosen a couple more too. I was also surprised that some of the more famous documents arising form the first and second continental congresses weren't included. Also, like I said Miranda v. Arizona -- that decision would have been on my list for sure.
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