August 17th, 2003

Why Me? Penguin

Woof, woof! Courtesy of a Link at Arts and Letters Daily

"And what do they receive in exchange for the $5 billion they spend on dog food and the $7 billion they spend on vet visits every year? Well, in addition to all the ``unconditional love'' they think their dogs give them, there are plenty of objective benefits. Dog owners live longer than the dogless, by an average of one year; they heal faster and have lower blood pressure and cholesterol; they have a better chance of surviving a heart attack. Children who grow up with dogs show greater self-esteem and empathy. A study a few years ago showed that nursing homes that kept dogs around had lower mortality rates."

The entire article can be found here:

Some insight on why I have two dogs and some interesting information about dogs and dog ownership. Not that I don't love cats as well!

Yay doggies! I am off to sleep!
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