August 20th, 2003

Why Me? Penguin

Oh Bugger!

So I have been getting the SoBig emails all day mostly from addresses listed as state agencies and other universities(.edu). I find it incredible that someone would have enough time on their hands to decide to create a virus and spread it around knowing what it does to human productivity, not to mention human patience (I swear if I could wrap my hands around the neck(s) of whoever created this damned thing I wouldn't stop until they were gagging and squirming) ... Grrrrrrrr! Anyway, I haven't opened any attachments of any kind all day, I have deleted stuff right away, and I have updated my virus protection and run a virus scan twice today. So I think, I hope and pray at least that I am covered!

Otherwise my day has been just fine. Actually, it just got a lot better since my boss just left for the day and asked me to check on a couple of textbooks on for him! Great idea leave the former English major in the office by herself and ask her to go poke around on Amazon! Ha! I love it!
Why Me? Penguin


Shamelessly stolen from rainpuddle13, among others:

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Life With gilathief (NBC, 10:30): gilathief (Charisma
Carpenter) gets junkbox (Rachel Weisz) drunk. (Part 1 of 2.)
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Now on to the events of my evening, as I know no one can live without the details, yes that means you (the one unfortunate soul who stumbles upon my Live Journal, probably by accident).

I was watching a documentary about David Selznick and Alfred Hitchcock. I hadn't realized how much Hitchcock was exploited by Selznick, who I once again heard described as a "megalomaniac" -- an interesting relationship that pair.

In other news I finally made my boss stand up for me today and it felt damn good!

Also, I made dinner (what in my family we call "migas", although I have heard them given other names -- yes I am from a Hispanic background, my family doesn't just make up weird foreign words to describe things, as a general rule). "Migas" as I make them are fried corn tortillas with spices and eggs mixed in (I like to top mine with salsa, the hotter the better!). My husband, who is as WASPy as they come, has really gotten into Mexican food. He's a sweetheart and I love him, (most of the time) alright all the time, but don't tell him that!