November 7th, 2003

Why Me? Penguin

Officially pissed

So, I have been without cable and internet for over a week now, almost a week and a half and I got news today that the earliest shot I have at getting it back is Sunday.

SUNDAY!!!!!!!!! What the hell? Now I will have to stay home and clean all day tomorrow barring anything unexpected and tomorrow the hubby has promised to take me stargazing to check out the lunar eclipse and the meteor showers to follow. Yay!

I wish modern culture was more in tune with our skies, especially the night sky; no one notices celestial events nowadays. I think of how things are described by ancient cultures and in the bible, how much reverence there was for the stars. It makes me kind of sad that it has disappeared. Ah well, nothing for me like a dark sky full of stars!
Why Me? Penguin

One last update...

Last update before I have to head back to my boring database work, UGH!

Check out the new layout and background! I love it and I can't wait to get this picture on some personal webspace right now I am hogging it from a non profit and I feel uber guilty but it is just for the weekend I swear!

One final note: I have been reading and keeping up with folks even if I haven't commented much because I only have access while here at work right now... I miss everyone and I am excited about getting back into the fray!
Why Me? Penguin


This book has gotten the most negative press of any book in recent memory -- a shame because the little Amis I have read in the past (Time's Arrow) was wonderful. Seriously, one of the best books I have ever read...

One reviewer described Amis's new book as "seeing you favorite uncle on the playground... masturbating" or something like that....

Now another scathing review excerpted from the New York Times Books Update:

"When the wicked pleasure of negativity yields to the
righteous urge toward pedantry, the satirist reaches the
limits of his form," says Walter Kirn, the author of "Up in
the Air." "Martin Amis, with his new novel of pornography,
tabloid journalism and sexual politics, seems to have reached
this subtle turning point."


Well, I am sure all of his money will cushion Amis's fall from literary grace; besides in our world, as in Oscar Wilde's there is no such thing as bad publicity.
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