November 23rd, 2003

Why Me? Penguin

Lords of the Flies

So Wednesday my husband and I tackled the toilet problem. We solved the whole thing in about 45 minutes and for less than $10... that was most excellent.

Today we are putting up (BUT NOT TURNING ON!!) our outside Christmas lights, but only because we are both "booked" every weekend from Thanksgiving through Christmas.

So today we are clearing out those aforementioned flies in the unfinished space upstairs. We just went in and sprayed and swatted like crazy and discovered much to our dismay that there are also a number of wasps in the room who were not too excited with our spraying and swatting. UGH! We are getting set to go back in for a second round within the hour. :(
Why Me? Penguin

Le Update

Flies are 99% dead... the hubby and I will go clean the carnage in the morning I guess.

I am putting my plans for a Sprout fic on hold, it just isn't working for me right now and I want to devote some time to getting up some stuff on the webspace I now have available.

I have a headache... *whine* Pass the Nuprin.

On a positive note my kitchen is spotless all I will have to do Thursday morning is damp mop so we don't have dog hair in the yeast rolls!