November 24th, 2003

Why Me? Penguin

Only one more day...

Just about done for tonight... and after tomorrow no more work for five days! Woot! I will be online a lot even though I have to spend Thanskgiving night at my grandmother's I will be back at home by early Friday afternoon! Yay! So much to do and yet I am putting it off!
Why Me? Penguin

This is why I love her writing...

So, don't give me your tenets and your laws. Don't give me your lukewarm gods. What I want is an accounting with all three cultures-white, Mexican, Indian. I want the freedom to carve and chisel my own face, to staunch the bleeding with ashes, to fashion my own gods out of my entrails. And if going home is denied me then I will have to stand and claim my space, making a new culture-una cultura mestiza-with my own lumber, my own bricks and mortar and my own feminist architecture." (Anzaldua, 21-22)

From Gloria Anzaldua, Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza, San Francisco: Aunt Lute Press, 1987.