December 13th, 2003

Why Me? Penguin

Good morning... err afternoon

Right, afternoon.

I haven't been sleeping much this week. Last night I went to bed around 2am and I didn't get out of bed until nearly 1pm. I have had a sore throat and when Nutmeg woke me p this morning it was completely closed up. Ewww. I let her out and back in around 9am and promptly wet back to sleep until almost 1pm. Ugh! Then I had some hot tea and now I feel much better... I might even get some cleaning done before my husband gets home... maybe.

Speaking of my dear husband. part of his tooth chipped off on like Wednesday and I said, "You should make an appointment with the dentist." But oh no, he didn't need to go to the dentist. Thursday evening another small piece chipped off, but he didn't tell me. Then Friday morning he woke up in agony! Now his boss has arranged for his fiance (who is a hygienist) to get him an appointment sometime Monday, so my poor husband can be put out of his misery.

Serves him right! When is he ever going to learn that I am always right (about things like this)?

(Actually, I feel really bad for him and promised to make him soup or something mushy for dinner so he doesn't have to chew...) I love him, but sometimes he is so stubborn!
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Why Me? Penguin

An Ice Shower...

Yes, the weather just gets weirder and weirder. We are having an ice shower, it's coming down pretty hard out there right now, but it sounds like it is starting to ease up a bit, so maybe it will be over soon...
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Why Me? Penguin

Bill Maher

December 08, 2003
The Dean Mystery
The Dean mystery - why he among the Democrats became the favorite - is: it turns out, it helps your social life. If I read the article right yesterday, the Dean campaign is basically Friendster for people who listed politics as one of their interests. Not to say that they're not sincere, but it did smack a bit of the convenient hippies of the 60s, the guys who went to the peace rally, more to meet hot chicks into freelove and bra burning, and stop a war they might have to go to, than any political quest. Again, sincere people they both also were. But everybody's hungry for love, damnit! And there's just something about being in a "crusade" together that makes the exhausted, lost-cause sex even hotter.

This sort of shit is why I love Bill Maher. He treats politics as ireverently as possible. I agree with most, but not all of his political views I think, or if not, I feel like I agree with quite a few anyway.

I am sure a lot of people don't like what he has to say, but you can't deny he is funny as hell!