December 18th, 2003

Why Me? Penguin


Something stuck in my eye for almost three hours now and I think I have an ear infection -- even better my husband had a root canal today... ouch!

In other (better) news, I just updated my icons. I finished them up a bit and realized that of the 36 I now have only 11 don't contain images that are copyrighted by someoen, somewhere... oh well, they're for personal use only so I guess I won't get in any big trouble... Shhh! Don't tell!

I also just exchanged my invite codes... I now get $5.50 to use for more icons or whatever! Woot!
Why Me? Penguin

From bad to worse...

I swear to goodness everyone I know has been sick, well over half of my friends list and most of my real life friends, family, and co-workers included...

My husband recovered from his root canal rather quickly, only to wake up with a temperature of 103.8 degrees.

I had to get up extra early to cook so I could get everything done and still make my morning meeting. Unfortunately, I was delayed a bit by the fact that my eye had swollen shut! And my ear, let's not even go there I walked around in a complete stupor all morning like my head was in a bucket! I couldn't hear and hence I couldn't concentrate...

By the time I met the ever wonderful rainpuddle13 for dinner and gift exchange that whole side of my face was puffed up like an overinflated blow-up doll! Wah!

But the generous and enlightened one gave me sage advice: ice to reduce the swelling and Benedryl for the allergy (as we discovered that had to be the culprit).

She also gave me some lovely gifts: an adorable stuffed velveteen bunny rabbit, a Hufflepuff scarf which I have been wanting forever, a cool pen, some delicious fudge, then the ever so coveted Paddy O'Llama yet another Douglas Cuddle toy in the same vein as Gustav... never fear though I gave her something nice in return, of course mine wasn't wrapped in the coolest red penguin gift box ever!!!!!

Anyway, I am off to bed and to ice my eye again. After all tomorrow is another day...