December 19th, 2003

Mes Chiennes

Feeling much better!

although my ear is still a little stuffed and there is still a vague since of discomfort in my eye, probably from all the rubbing (bad, I know)...

It snowed this morning and it was beautiful! Just a little and it's melting already, but I have some pictures of my puppies in the snow. YAY!

Anyway, my hsband is trying to convince me to go to the doctor, and I think I will if I have even the slightest discomfort left this afternoon. For now, more napping, but first, my Friday Five!

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Why Me? Penguin

ERRRT! Wrong answer, thanks for playng!

Ok, that post earlier about how I was feeling better... strike it from the record.

After the immediate relief provided by the ice and Benedryl wore off, I was miserable, even more miserable than before if that is possible. My husband convinced me to go to the doctor. It is not that I mind the actual visit so much as the waiitng in a room of sick and possibly contagious people. Turns out the ear infection wrestled its way into my bloodstream and was causing an allergic reaction, which is why I was all red, itchy, and puffy and of course my constant rubbing (which again, is bad -- I know) was only spreading the infection faster. Good thing I got there when I did or my whole face would have been swollen up like a pufferfish!

Well now I have eye and ear drops, plus a stronger antihistamine/anit-inflammatory drug, plus an antibiotic. Yikes so much medicine!

On the plus side I am again starting to feel better! Hopefully tonight will be better than yesterday...
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