January 7th, 2004

Why Me? Penguin

Ginger Update and Random Ramblings...

Ginger is feeling a lot better. After an hour or so last night she found a comfortable position on the bed beside my husband. When she went out this morning she was able to life it, just a bit and wagged it a little when I came home from work this evening. I love her and I hope we see nothing but continued progress. I am miserable when my puppies are miserable.

@ I am having "D" names in my head right now Dascha, Dyana, Dora...
@ I bought a block of pepper jack cheese last night and it has become my craving of the moment
@ I'm itching to make new icons, but need some inspiration (anyone? anyone?)
@ (Now I have Ben Stein's voice in my head -- geez!)
@ I am going to start walking on my lunch breaks and working out with my friend Tiffany on Saturdays
@ There is a huge fly in my bathroom, even worse we have been occasionally finding crickets in our kitchen. By the way: crickets are among the most vile and disgusting creatures on the planet...
@ My husband gave me a glimmer of hope about paying my tuition and getting into a class.
@ I just watched the O.C. It should be illegal how much I enjoy it, but it is sooo good: soapy and consciously funny, what a great combination... (Wren, you're toast forgetting me hooked!)