January 17th, 2004

Why Me? Penguin

Coffee Makes Everything Better!

Couldn't shake the stiffness and soreness on my own this morning, fortunately, a nice tall cup of coffee has made everything all better and I am feeling up to moving now.

I am still sore from my fall a week ago...BAH!

Good News: I think work is getting better, despite the fact that I am so busy I can't see straight, I do feel like some of my hard work is paying off. Of course, part of me knows this is all an illusion, since I work for the Commonwealth of Virginia there will be no recognition for me... no, best to think work is continuing to suck, even though I now have a couple of long-term interesting projects to work on. We'll see.

I am trying to take a class this semester. The only problem is that the professor has said he will not make his decision until too late for me to register using my tuition waiver. I am still going on Tuesday to see how things go.

It is Saturday (cleaning day) but I am still sitting in my jammies with no immediate plans to do anything else.

I saw the cutest thing ever yesterday! A 10 week old German Shepard puppy -- that was all black!-- adorable I say. Her owner works in our building, she is hoping to train her as a Forensics dog. Wow!

My own dogs are currently curled into little balls sleeping. Crazy girls have settled in for a bit since they just came inside and it was cold out there.

I want to make a lasagna, but we need to use what we have in our fridge first... *grump* We'll see how that goes too I suppose.