February 4th, 2004

Why Me? Penguin

An eventful day

Well if nothing else, today was eventful...

I got my haircut, actually, I just finished coloring it and it looks damn good if I do say so myself.

I haven't heard anything on the job front but please keep your fingers crossed. It will probably be a week or two, but all good thought are appreciated...

My husband works for a rent to own company, which was just this morning bought out by a larger company. It could be good as he gets a $250.00 signing bonus, but on the other hand he'll have to pay big bucks for benefits, (luckily we have mine which are good and much cheaper that we can fall back on) so we probably will be... I just have to make sure his job transition is a "qualifying life event". Anyway, the other big problem is that he will now be hourly instead of salaried which sucks because even though he has the potential to make more money the probability is that he will make less.

I am woefully behind on homework for my rhetoric class (three weeks behind to be exact) looks like this weekend will be devoted to catching up.

I went into work this morning for a meeting and left immediately after. What do I care? I have thirty hours of overtime to burn through right?
Why Me? Penguin


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