March 1st, 2004

Why Me? Penguin

Oscar Baby!

So the Oscars began in February and ended in March... hmmm ponder that one if you will. Of course this is not the case for those of you in California but for those of us on the east coast it was the case.

Anyway, yay for all the RotK wins! I thought they were well-deserved for the most part although the song from the triplets of Belleville blew me away and I adore Allison Krauss so I was torn on the best song category... by the way, does anyone know what instrument that was that Sting was playing during "My Aine True Love"?

As always, this looks like it will be a hectic day at work and I am already looking forward to the weekend, the weather was beautiful and this weekend was far to short. It probably didn't help that I slept until noon today, huh?

Off to scan pics for my rhetoric presentation...

ETA: How could I have forgotten this?:

Was Owen not the cutest thing ever tonight? Sadly, I only caught the end of his schtick with Ben Stiller, but ohmigod he is too gorgeous!