March 11th, 2004

Why Me? Penguin

Meme gacking and other random explotiation

Can't remember who posted this:

Open Google type your first name into an image search, pick the picture you like best and post it in your journal.

Angelica in Purple Dress

Also, the ever lovely kirixchi posted something which made me smile (something I haven't been doing nearly enough of by the way, so I thought I would try it too!

One thing I love:

Irises - As spring flowers begin to poke their heads out of the cold earth, I am reminded of how much I love irises. My grandmother gave me some this past weekend, so I hope that this weekend will be nice enough to allow me to go out and plant them! I love irises especially the little fuzzy peices on them and the way they smell, so fresh and beautiful.

I got my paper done! I had way more than I thought when I looked at it in the light of day. Whee!

Stayed up even later though, well after I had stopped writing my paper last night because Larry King had Andrew Morton and Kitty Kelly on last night... Sadly, I couldn't stop myself from watching :( I am one of those people always saying let the poor woman be, but the truth is when I see something about Lady Diana Spencer I can't look away. She is a very mesmerizing person, she is the Grace Kelly of my generation.

I thought it was interesting that with the release of the tapes Diana made for the biography that Morton wrote people were talking about the impact on her sons. Will they watch? The overall consensus was probably yes, not to hear what she has to say in the tapes since all that information is already public knowledge, but just to hear the sound of her voice. Anyone who has ever saved an answering machine message and played it later knows what I am talking about here. It just made me feel so sorry for William and Harry because Diana wasn't Diana to them she was "mum".

Must get to making those new icons this weekend! I need newness on my journal!