March 15th, 2004

Why Me? Penguin

Long Weekend

Becaause ladyoracle did it...

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Didn't go to work on Friday. Instead spent the day outside (in the wind) planting flowers witha scratchy throat. It all look beautiful though!

Saturday more of the same, raking, pruning, weeding, etc.

Sunday, saw my dad for the first time in about two years. For those who don't remember from my posts around Christmas time he is planning on getting married soon and seems to have changed a lot (for the better). He helped Daniel and me get the outlet box in our living room shimmed so we could install the ceiling fan Daniel's parents bought us as a housewarming gift last summer (hmmm... a fan, in summer... does that make it a housecooling gift?...). I also did massive cleaning and grociery shopping in preparation for dad's visit, so ya know

Needless to say today I am beat! I want something to eat, but I don't know what. Hopefully Daniel and I will make it to the gym tonight now that our house is presentable...

Oh and check out all the new pretty icons!
Mes Chiennes

Forgot to report...

Sunday morning chronicle:

3am - Awakened by Ginger, who had to go out. Woke up. Let both dogs out. Ginger did her thing and I let them back in. Fall back to sleep around 3:45. Curse dogs for waking me up at an ungodly hour...

5am - Awakened by Nutmeg, who is sick. I promise to clean up the doggy yuke if hubby will let her out. He agrees and lets her out. I ask where Ginger is after I finish cleaning up the carpet. Hubby assures me she is under the bed hiding because she doesn't want to go out. Finish cleaning. Hubby lets Nutmeg in. Turn out lights and go back to sleep around 5:30. Bitch and moan under my breath about stupid useless dogs...

7:30am - Awakened by both dogs. Nutmeg is up sniffing and moving around and I hear Ginger whining. Get up to let them outside, throwing on pajama bottoms and attempting to hunt down Ginger in limited light. Look everywhere for Ginger on my way to the back door. She is nowhere to be found. I open the door to let Nutmeg out and discover her soaking wet and shaking/crying.

She evidently got out when my husband let Nutmeg in just before 5:30 and went down to the creek behind our house for a swim... she was freezing and scared and I felt horrible! Dried her off and cuddled her for half an hour...
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Why Me? Penguin

Hard at work making icons!

I have been hard at work making new icons. YAY! (I was really in need of some new stuff ...) I have loads more, but I need to get my webspace up and create a gallery...

For what it's worth my legs and shoulders are still a little sore from a weekend worth of work. Ugh!

Also, I just took the HP marriage quizzes that seem to be making the rounds on the f-list.. I got Remus and Bill Weasley just like last time so I decided not to post even though I really love me some Bill Weasley and Remus isn't bad either.

Thanks to rainpuddle13 for the article and the ride home... you rock sweetie!I owe you so big!

I need something to take my mind off the fact that it is getting to be beautiful outside while I sit cooped up inside. Don't get me wrong, come summer I'll be bitching about the heat because, well I hate being hot, and because of my asthma I cannot breathe during the summer, but for right now I am loving the little warming trend we have going on...