March 23rd, 2004

Why Me? Penguin

Feel the love...

Thanks to everyone on the friends list who responded to my last post!!! You guys are really too good to me. Last night had been the first extended day back at work and I was feeling a little disconnected from the world. SO yeah, it was a little odd... but thank you thank you thank you!

When I was talking to my friend TIffany the other night I was telling her about my sister who is self njurous, she said that she was actually a bit more worried about me because of the valleys and peaks I have been having lately. Think I may be headed for a pretty serious bout of depression, but trying to keep my chin up and not get bogged down in it. Lately my moods have been all of the place including lots of unaimed rage -- soemthing I am totoally not used to -- I just need to work through it I guess.

In happier news, work is actually going pretty well for once. I am caught up on everything and think I can focus a little enrgy on school this week and next. What a relief!

Also, to everyone who commented on the new layout... thank you!!! I really do like it, all springy and feminine how I want to feel right now, though alas, I do not. I will just have to keep trying huh?

All smiles today! Love you guys again!

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Why Me? Penguin

So tell me...

Daily dis or dat:

I will post two choices comment with your favorite of the two.

I am doing this every day until April 15.


Because I want to.

What if no one does it?

Then I will just look like a shameless comment whoring imbecile... no biggie!

This or that for today, March 23:

Soup or Salad?
Why Me? Penguin

Melancholy and the Infinite Angelicaness...

Just finished dinner and making a last run through the f-list...

Swiped from the Sanguine gianfared:

You are Melancholy!
You're Melancholy! You are ruled by the Black Bile
(which, by the way, doesn't exist). As a
Melancholy, you are gifted, analytical,
aesthetic, self-sacrificing, industrious, and
self-disciplined. Unfortunately, you can also
be moody, self-centered, revengeful, touchy, a
bit too theoretical, unsociable, critical, or
negative at times.

Which of the four Humours are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

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A bientot!
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