March 24th, 2004

Why Me? Penguin

This or that and other stuff...

Well, I have been meaning to start writing (as a release more than anything) so I joined _blank_pages_ and spent ten or fifteen minutes last night writing a short (and not very good) exercise about regret, but for me the whole point is to get writing again. Maybe something good will come of it.

My husband is downstairs watching the Beverly Hills 90210 ten year reunion. I swear he watches more girly TV than I do...of course he is only watching because he wants to know if Jason Priestly will ever race cars again, but still. ;P

Oh and gianfared the icon is just for you! ♥

Today's this or that is a real tough one, probably for everyone who reads my journal since they are so intertwined and important to most of the people on my f-list, but here goes anyway...

Reading or Writing?

Off to hunt down something for dinner... god I long for the day when I am not broke!