March 30th, 2004

Why Me? Penguin

This and that...

So yesterday was spent doing a bunch of this and that and mostly spending the day with rainpuddle13, even though the circumstances were not the best it is always great to spend time with her. For those who don't know her, you are really missing out!

I also made some homemade enchilada sauce last night, so tonight guess who is eating enchiladas!?!?!?

Oh and Sunday was so busy met dad's fiancee, she seems nice enough and she makes him happy so I am all for it! Then we went to Daniel's parents and helped them with some stuff around the house, we were sleepy when we got home!

Oh and tonight = gym night, especially after cramming our face full of oooohy goooey cheesy enchiladas!

For today's (and yesterday's) this or that...

Monday March 29th:
Beach or Mountains?

Tuesday March 30th:
Cats or Dogs?
Mes Chiennes

Me Sleepy...


Alas, I am not getting out of heading to the gym tonight so I am fiddling around on the computer...

I am beginning to think I am attracted to fire like some knits attract lint. First there was the fire on Friday, then this morning after I told my boss about being literally across the street from said fire he comes out of his office a couple of hours later as we both smelled smoke (no fire though, so no idea where the smoke smell was coming from), then tonight we weren't in class for five minutes when the fire alrm goes off. We got out of class early, even though there was little or no fire because they had to reset the alarm and it was going to take forever...

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