April 10th, 2004

Why Me? Penguin

Lazy Saturday

It is overcast and my puppies have curled themselves up on the futon, looking ridiculously adorable as always... makes me very lazy when they do this.

In that spirit just want to share a bunch of randomness with you all, including this:

Havana Brown Kitten

I would so much love to have one of these. This picture comes from a breeder site that I particularly like, they do screenings so they know that their cats are going to the best possible homes. I saw a documentary sort of thing on Animal Planet where they talked about how sleek and agile Havana Browns are, but they are also known for being exceptionally personable and I think they are undeniably gorgeus!

Also wanted to share this recipe, hmmm perhaps I shall also post it in cabbage_capers later...

Rose Jelly

Yes, you'll need actual roses, red, dark pink, and salmon color work best as they have the most color and aroma.

I know it sounds odd but it is delicious and also a way to make that Rose Garden last longer than the blooms themselves. I have heard good things about Rose Ice Cream as well, but I have never tried any. My big goal for the summer is to make some candied angelica, but I don't know it sounds rather complicated.

Also, I have been thinking about capitalism. It seems to me that one of the great failures of Marxism is that it presupposes an Agrarian economy whereas capitalism leaves a bit of flexibility for example, the U.S. moved from an Agrarian economy to an industrial one and now we have a service based economy. This seems to be a natural progression but I wonder what future economies will be shaped by, what will they be based on?

I have also been thinking about The Wasteland motif. In that spirit I read Eliot's "The Wasteland" last night and I am thinking about rereading the Beckett play. Can anyone else out there (I know many of you are literature geeks just like me) suggest a good piece of literature using the motif... I am in the mood to read some... Also, if anyone has ever read "Bel Canto" (or some other Pound that they found interesting or good) could you please recommend something? I have read some of Pound's criticism, but never any of his actual writing and I am feeling a Modernist tilt, but I have read enough Woolf and Stein for the moment and I am really not into Joyce all that much, although I have been meaning to read Dubliners.

Okay enough with the rambling, must try to find some food. I am still in the mood for cheese fries, anyone want to bring me some? *Bats eyelashes* Pretty please???
Why Me? Penguin

Wasn't planning on it...

I wasn't planning on another update today, however, the evil kirixchi has completely done me in! Checking out some entries in her journal that I had missed before and found her cute shoes post! I then closed the windows only to be blasted with a new window for purses. Beautiful purses. Beautiful purses which I cannot even begin to afford! And now I want this:

title or description


Also, I remembered that I had forgotten to post the weekend this or that (yet another threeway):

Introvert, Extrovert, or Somewhere between?

Is anyone on my f-list watching The Apprentice? I thought the concept looked lame, but I should have known that Trump could make anything work... It is a really good show, and the ratings are better than the first season of Survivor! (And FYI I HATE reality TV, especially Survivor, gimme a good old fashioned game show anyday!). Anyway, I am rooting for Kwami, although I liked Bill and Troy too. Amy was good, but I didn't like her much. It will be interesting to see who "wins" and what the job is...

That's all for now. Must go try to convince the hubby that we can afford a trip out to find cheese fries!

ETA: http://news.bbc.co.uk/cbbcnews/hi/pictures/galleries/newsid_2972000/2972970.stm
I swear Prince Harry gets better looking every day!