May 1st, 2004

Why Me? Penguin

Happy Mayday!

I am back! (I am sure no one missed me, but you know FYI…)

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Anyway, I am thinking very seriously about going to Korea and Japan next year for a women’s studies conference. I have to talk to my bosses about a) taking the time off and b) seeing if they will/can pay for any of the cost.

Class is finally winding down. Thank goodness. I am hoping he is going to let us out a bit early next Thursday so we can come home and watch the Friends' finale. I am also going to try to remember to tape it just in case, ‘cause I am dumb and I know I will cry through most of it…

I am very, very, very behind on commenting, for that I apologize. It has been such a busy couple of weeks.

I hope I can be around rather regularly now. Oh also, I just added a few more interests and changed my background. It was time for something new. But definitely after May 15th I will have time to do more with LJ.