May 16th, 2004

Why Me? Penguin

Plum out of things to say...

Am screwed. Given up on everything...

Doesn't look like I will be around very much after all. At one time LJ was a much needed distraction -- these days it is just one more thing I feel guilty about not keeping up with properly.

Am going to fail my class because I did not turn in a final and sucked major ass on my big research paper. Will be paying the thousand bucks for it though because tuition waiver doesn't pay if you get worse than a "C".

No news from mom... I am worried but I don't want to call and deal with it.

As a matter of fact, I am avoiding the entire family like the plague. I owe my grandmother some mail for her sister who has just been diagnosed with ALS. I haven't talked to my ailing grandfather since Christmas (the last message from him was really angry, so I am not calling back). Blew off my sister's college graduation and don't have anything to send her to make up for it... you get the picture.

What, why yes I do love having my head in the sand. Thanks for inquiring!

Watched Four Weddings and a Funeral today, which I have never seen. I rather enjoyed it as it fit perfectly with my shitty sarcastic mood for the day.

Off to pay bills... yippee!

My acount is paid through September, so I may check in periodically on everyone... sucks I won't be getting to go to NY or DC.

Loff to you guys and take care of yourselves!