July 10th, 2004

Why Me? Penguin

Day Five

In response to the thoughtful replies to my last post let me assure you all that I am not hitting myself with a lead pipe or anything.

You see silly little me took two classes this summer including one for which all the work is due on Monday and for which I have done no homework (the class is online and all has to be turned in by Monday at midnight).

Next week is going to be awful!

From this past Tuesday (July 6th) until next Friday (July 16th) I will work 11 straight days and between classes and work will be here at the uniersity an average of 12 - 14 hours each day for all 11 days.

Methinks it would be easier to iron my hands...

If I am not around next week (and I don't expect to be) someone may find me under a pile of paperwork!

Also, If anyone wants to send me some email to christen my G-mail account I would be much obliged! It looks so empty!
Why Me? Penguin

Oh and also...

In addition to two workshops going on simultanteously at work next week and all the homework for my Logic class being due Monday at mdinight, I have the final exam for Logic on Thursday and Anthropology class on Monday and Wednesday and a baby shower on Tuesday.


I purchased a couple months worth of extra userpics the other day (I found fifteen too limiting!). So, now I have a limit of 50 again, but I need some help with icon ideas 'cause I don't have much in the way of summer stuff... all my stuff is wintry :).

Am fishing for ideas if anyone has any!