August 23rd, 2004

Why Me? Penguin

That's Amore!

Okay, who's coming with me!?!?!?!?!?

Speaking of Amore, does anyone remember those old cat food commercial for Amore catfood... and do they even make the stuff any longer?

On a completely unrelated note, students are back and as annoying as that can be I love helping new people find their way around campus. I already stopped three people this morning who were lost and helped them get where they needed to go.

Oh yes and rainpuddle13 it ain't likely, but Jeff could win the championship this year, he is in first place again... not that it will make a hill of beans worth of difference once they reset the field, but then how else could they hand the trophy to Jr. right??

Oh well, on the plus side if Jeff wins at least venetianglass and I will be happy!
Why Me? Penguin


I came into work today extra early because I had plans to leave early, now no plans and I am going to be exhausted by the time Daniel comes.

Oh well I have loads of work to do so if I can stay awake all will be well.

I need to go home and clean but that won't be accomplished even if I did go home right this very second.

Sometimes life sucks...
Mes Chiennes

Animals in Need

I know money is tight for everyone, it always is for me that is for sure, but please everyone consider giving some money even $1 to your local animal shelter or rescue organization. Promote spay/neuter wherever you go, and let your shopping make a difference, like it does here.

If that all fails there are some very simple ways you cna help, most shelters are always looking for the following:
Paper Towels
Old Linens
Gently used dog and cat toys, leashes, and collars
Pet food and treats
Donation of coupons for pet food and treats

Also, many shelters have needs for things you may be wanting to get rid of anyway, old cellphones, office equipment, washers/dryers, microwaves, baby bottles, etc.
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