August 24th, 2004

Why Me? Penguin

GMail, get your gmail!

I have one gmail invite for the taking simply be the first person to post here and I will happily send it your way (include your current email address as I will need that for the invite).
Why Me? Penguin


I feel a sinus headache coming on... yuck!

Thanks to mynuet for the chat it was a nice time.

Also, for anyone interested, I got an update on Hershey, who is the dog we took to the foster/rescue on Friday night. She is doing well and the puppies are doing well too. They have found some minor health problems, which they'll be keeping an eye on and they'll need to get shots etc., but J---- (the foster mom) already has approved applications for owners for four of the puppies on file. So that means that half of them are just waiting to be weaned and then will be placed into homes and hopefully by that time, they will all have approved homes. Keep your fingers crossed!

Oh yes, this was originaly a GIP but then I thought of something to say... how about them apples???