September 14th, 2005

Why Me? Penguin


Busy day yesterday.

We opened an account at the credit union and will be applying for an equity line very soon...

I got my hair chopped off and dyed it ash blond/light brown.

We cleaned the house.

There was more but I will spare you guys.

Had coffee with powchili this morning and will be having coffee with junkbox this evening before class.
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Why Me? Penguin

Funny Stuff

Soooo quoted!...
mr. Liton was my acting coach when I lived in New York. I was studying to be a methodist actor. That's when you become the character. If your character doesnt' get any sleep, then you dont sleep. It's a difficult technique to master, but it makes your acting so much better. You should buy this if youre interested in being a better actor, or trying to become a methodist actor, which is difficult, trust me.

I wouldn't think being a methodist actor would be any more difficult than being a baptist one... and probably easier than being a catholic one, since there is less to feel guilty about. LOL!

I have wanted to purchase this book for at least eight years now... I always have it on my wishlists, but I never get it. Why is that?