September 23rd, 2005

Carpe Diem


We visited my husband's grandmother last night.

They are postponing her heart surgery (perhaps indefinitely).

She was diagnosed seven years ago with breast cancer, but has been living cancer free for almost five years.

Last night, my husband's grandfather, who is a retired physician, gave us the bad news that they had found and biopsied three tumors during the routine pre-surgery chest x-ray. The biopsies revealed that all three tumors are malignant and spreading rapidly.

She was to meet with the oncologist this morning to find out about treatment options and if it would even be worth going through some of the treatments they'll likely recommend.

Hubby seemed kind of blindsided and his dad (whose mother this is) is just davastated.

If you pray, pray for her and for their family, if not, any good karma, good wishes, etc. would be greatly appreciated. I think the family is having a hard time dealing with the news.