September 30th, 2005

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The Real Truman Show

From the New York Times Movie Newsletter:

1. New Movie Reviews: Big-Name Novelist, Small-Town Murders
By A. O. SCOTT ===========================================================

In 1959, a newspaper article about the murder of the Clutter family in the tiny town of Holcomb, Kan., caught the eye of the novelist Truman Capote. He spent most of the next half- dozen years following the case, which ended with the execution of Dick Hickock and Perry Smith and the subsequent publication of "In Cold Blood," Capote's best-selling mutation of the true crime potboiler, into bona fide literature.

Bennett Miller's "Capote" is a fascinating and fine-grained reconstruction of that period in its subject's life, a time when he pursued literary glory and flirted with moral ruin. "This is the beginning of a great love affair - between Truman and himself," someone says, but the film suggests that Capote's obsession with the Clutter murders, and his drive to alchemize their ugly pointlessness into deathless prose, might better be described as a Faustian bargain.

In any case, "Capote" is, principally, the story of a writer's vexed, all-consuming relationship with his work, and therefore with himself. This makes for better drama than you might expect.


Movie Details:

This looks hella entertaining to me.

Check out the IMDB info: (OMG SOOO GOOD!)
The movie also features Chris Cooper! I think it just turned into a must see film. How is it that Chris Cooper always gets such amazing roles? Seriously, if you check out his film credits on IMDB it reads like some of the best films in recent memory.