November 1st, 2005

Why Me? Penguin

Happy All Saints Day!

I'll have to fix it when I get home tonight, but the new layout is up! Thanks to everyone who voted! I may do a Christmas vote as well.

Today starts NaNo. So I have to find some time this evening to write.

Much to comment on re: Scalito, and some semi-personal stuff going on. All to come later today, and maybe some new icons at monstericons today or tomorrow. Thanks for all the resposnes about my Snoopy icons!
Why Me? Penguin

Mish mesh

A fun James Bond site!

Some of it is here, but if you have a chance to view the latest issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education. I highly recommend giving it the once over, at least. The Chronicle's survey of college presidents is a very illuminating experience. My favorite stat? ... Community Service (The numbers are astonishingly LOW! Of the Democratic respondants only .6% volunteer daily for service unrelated to their job, while among Republicans the numbers (while still small) were considerably higher at 3.4%. If you have been around awhile, you know I have talked about this sort of thing before... I really don't understnad th divide, but I have seen it prove to be true on many occasions.

I am soo in the mood for pumpkin cheesecake and have been for days. At lunch a little bit ago, one of the professors in my department said he had pumpkin gellato the other night and now I want pumpkin cheesecake more than ever!

junkbox, powchili, grit_kitty, luguvalium, and rainpuddle13 (or anyone else who's local):
On Wednesday November 16th, Doug Wilder is giving a lecture on civic engagement at the Seigel Center. I really want to go, but I would rather have someone to tag along with me... anyone interested?