November 25th, 2005

Why Me? Penguin

Recovery day

So my husband is off playing golf with his dad today and we have plans to go out a little later for dinner and a movie in celebration of his birthday (which is tomorrow) and in celebration of the fact that he got both yesterday and today off (a minor miracle that one).

This means other than internet shopping I will be god awful bored tomorrow... anyone wanna stop by and cheer me up with holiday coffee or something? 'Cause tomorrow is my online shopping day...

Christmas cards are almost all ready to go! Yay!

I am so in the holiday spirit this year...

Speaking of which... Collapse )

atypicality I will email you tomorrow, I promise!

Check out the singing iceberg!

And, especially for rainpuddle13:
Check this out too!
Two of your favorte things in one place and it is wintery... furry hats = wintery, right?
ETA: I didn't make it I just saw it on someone's LJ...

Journal is all decked out for the holidays, now to work on decorating the house!