December 7th, 2005

Why Me? Penguin

Yes, Virginia I really do update with something other than a meme once in a while...

Compared with China, whose rural population is also moving, India's urbanization has been a saunter, not a sprint - slower, looser and more haphazard. That is partly because some of India's economic policies have served to constrict its cities' possibilities. Decisions made during and even after four decades of quasi socialism have crimped the kind of manufacturing that has spurred China's urban growth.

Work, the holidays and the end of classes have kept me running around like crazy... but I am here, reading (and even commenting) whenever I get a spare second.

We had snow here on Monday and as usual the puppies loved it. Yesterday was a messy blur of work, broken up only by a lovely time conversing with junkbox over coffee.

Nip/Tuck still rules all! Season finale is next week... then what will I do on Tuesday nights?? *pouts*

Working on some P and P icons (from the brilliant BBC version with Jennifer Ehle and Collin Firth) and a mood theme from the same, which I *should* have ready this weekend.

Christmas cards are en route, be on the lookout!