December 15th, 2005

Why Me? Penguin

La da da dee

Work is blah, weather is ick, but at least I brought in donuts. :)

I think I am getting an ear infection... booo!

Still my mood is fairly good... today, tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday, then I get a week and a helf of paid vacation. Plus, I got a 3% increase in pay (all state employees are getting one this year!) (and rainpuddle13 you should be getting it too in addition to the new full time salaray) Coolness!

luguvalium I got your card. Thanks! My husband loved the HO cubed on the front.

Since I couldn't afford to buy and ship gifts to everyone on ye olde friendslist, you are all hereby invited to request a graphic LJ present. You can request anything you want... Friends Only Banner, Journal Header, Icon, Colorbar, etc. I will work hard to get as many as possible done before the holidays