January 25th, 2006

Penguin Flock

More randomness...

Hubster is sick and I am quickly getting that way.

Wind is supposed to be NNW 10-15mph with sustained gusts of 20-30mph. It is chilly outside too. This after heavy rains on Monday brought in a cold front. It was 70 degrees here on Friday. WTF? Where is winter?

Still love my mattress.

Going to Comfort tonight with junkbox and powchili...

I need new clothes for work.

I will drink my coffee today before it gets cold.

I brought PB and J (Blackberry J too) for lunch today. MMMMM!

My puppies are ♥! They were so cute this morning rolling around on the bed and looking at me with their most pitiful "do I have to get up now" faces...

Back to work!