February 3rd, 2006


It is 10am I shouldn't be hungry...

I am hungry already, and my tasty lunch is mocking me from the other side of my desk. We went to Yamoto last night so I have yummy grilled shrimp and veggies leftover for lunch.

Happy Hour today with three wonderful women and hopefully I will have time to get by the library either before or after to get in a little more research time.

Some days life is perfect.

Now I just have to get through all this other crap for work.

Oooh in addition to the new layout I downloaded a bunch of new icons... yay!
Why Me? Penguin

Friday Afternoon

"The minute you do that, the backbone of culture is removed. We admit there is a problem at the moment with knowledge and I feel absolutely no embarrassment about naming these as sine qua nons. I find it maddening that these books should be dismissed as elitist. That way cultural vandalism lies." - Andrew Motion

Jeez, that kind of talk makes me want to have this man's babies... but I don't think it is appropriate to torture children with Portrait of a Lady...

Also, am I officially the last person to do this?

Get your own spectral analysis from Area 23®

I just got a huge chore taken off my plate by a very nice person in the Math Lab. Awesome!

Off to Happy Hour very shortly...