February 10th, 2006

Why Me? Penguin

Before I get back to work...

Harry Potter Canon Meme:
As a comment to this entry,
List your very own seven predictions for book seven!
Then post your list in your own journal and see what others have to say!

My predictions:
1. Harry will survive.
2. The centaurs and the giants will play an important part. The forbidden forest is becoming a very dangerous place, someone will die there.
3. Hermione will make a choice that is out of character.
4. Draco may extend an olive branch to Harry, or accept one from him.
5. We will discover something new and important about the founders, (Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, adn Gryffindor) perhaps something about the split between Salazar Slytherin adn the other founders.
6. One of the horcruxes will be a wand or staff.
7. Bellatrix will die, possibly at Neville's hand.
Doggie Bowl

Anyone looking for a Cocker Spaniel???

from the dog_lovers community:


A woman in Winnsboro, Texas that has finally figured out she can't take care of 168 cockers. She is over run with cockers in every color but black.

Situation is desperate. Is there anyone willing to foster/addopt a dog? They are all under 4 years of age.

Please let Ellen know as soon as possible. We are trying to rescue on Thursday and Friday this week. We'll send to a vet and work with you on transporting. The dogs are weak but can travel, and for the weakest, we'll board/vet until they are well enough to travel.

Contact Ellen with DFW edcassatt@verizon.net
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