March 6th, 2006



I loved the Oscars last night, the theme "A Return to Glamour" was great, especially for someone like me who loves old movies. I thought Jon Stewart did a good job as host. I thought I would burst out laughing when he made the "Trilogy!" comment and gesture, re: Speilburg's movies depicting Jews.

Women's dresses were very subdued this year, lots of neutrals, black of course, and some blues and greens. I don't really recall seeing lots of red and pink. Standouts included Jennifer Aniston, Rachel Weisz, and Felciity Huffman in black. Salma Hayek (who always looks stunning, even wearing a paper bag, not that I have seen her in a paper bag, but you get the idea) in a strinking blue, and Jessica Alba in a gorgeous golden gown.

I also loved Reese's dress and I was thrilled that she won an Oscar. And, oh my gosh George Clooney won an Oscar! I was really excited (there was a time not too long ago that I would have said, "George Clooney?, that George Clooney?, the one from ER?, you can't be serious???", but his film roles have really shown his range and I personally thought he deserved a nod a few years ago for "Oh Brother...").

I was not at all surprised by, nor was I dismayed by Rachel Weisz's win for The Constant Gardener, which looks to be an excellent film (I am holding out until I read the book) or Phillip Seymour Hoffman, who I am convinced deserved the win, even though as much as I wanted to, I never made it to see "Capote".

As for best picture... what can I say? I was pleased to see Crash win. I would have been okay with "Brokeback Mountain" but I like rooting for the underdog, plus it was an unwritten rule that Ang Lee would get best director, especially with Clooney's Supporting Actor win. I kind of felt that Brokeback was over hyped, admittedly I didn't see it, but I felt like it got a lot of press, not because it was a movie about gay cowboys, but because it was a movie starring two attractive heterosexual (I assume, I don't know enough about either Jake Gyllenhal or Heath Ledger to even venture a guess) stars. The academy shouldn't give awards to stars, it should give awards to actors, those who devote time and enrgy to their craft and elevate it to an art form.

Oh, and as for the presenters, the fact that the Wilson brothers appeared together and Ben Stiller appeared by himself, will only fuel further speculation that the relationship between Owen and Ben is crumbling I guess. Ben Stiller's bit with the green screen was hilarious! Jennifer Aniston was beautiful and gracious. Jack was sharp as always.

So the list of movies I want to see grows...
-Good Night and Good Luck
-The Constant Gardener
-A History of Violence
-The Squid and the Whale

still undecided about...
-Brokeback Mounttain
-Mrs. Henderson Presents

Speaking of, does anyone know what was going on with Lauren Bacall, was she just having a hard time reading the teleprompter or has she developed some sort of afflication similar to Katherine Hepburn's?

ETA: Did anyone notice Jane Seymour's purse? It was shaped like a guitar. A-dor-a-ble!

ETA 2: Oh, and Nicole Kidman looked totally washed out in ivory, but Uma looked angelic!

ETA 3: So, those were Jack Nicholson's kids!!! His daughter is very pretty. And 16!
Strive to Survive

Okay after this I really have to get to work...

alphapythia's post reminded me... I had the weirdest dream vision last night of an olive skinned women with too bright pink lipstick, a turquoise top and jeans. I don't know who she was but I could just feel the hate and the anomousity radiating off of her. I had the strangest feeling I had seen her before and that we were enemies somehow, but I don't know her, have no idea who she is or why I pictured her clear as day. All I know is, if I ever see this woman in the flesh I will stay far away.

Deal? or No Deal?

I won't get to watch it tonight because I have class, but my husband and I have become addicted to "Deal or No Deal", if you haven't seen it, check it out. It may be just the thing to bring the game show back to life and to give the reality show the swift kick in the bum it needs to finally be gone!

Oh and also, is this not the coolest icon ever???