March 7th, 2006

Why Me? Penguin

Where is everyone?

Where has everyone been today? LJ has been so slow! Wah! I want more people to take my poll and stuff! *pouts*

Are we getting what we deserve?

I don't mean that literally, but I am getting to the age where most of my feminist friends have lost their passion for women's rights, sure they still care, but are they invested enough to make a difference, if we as women are not who will be?

Get set for solar storms

I simply thought this was noteworthy since, even though solar storms happen quite routinely it seems they are going to become more severe... Only time will tell how much of this is forewarning and how much is scare tactics.

Reasons Why Oscar Viewing Should Have Been Up Instead of Down

Another interesting Oscar link

For my last on this year's Oscars I would just like to note how many people (on my f-list alone) avoided this year's Oscar telecast. One thing I think people kind of forget with all the hoopla and the fanfare, is that this is the academy for filmmaking. Like the SAG awards this is a jury of your peers, unlike the SAGs, these people are the penultimate in movie-ology. These are the people who know film (yes, film) inside and out, from technical expertise to masters of craft and style. To be recognized is like being awarded a Nobel Prize, it signals an important accomplishment or contribution to filmmaking.