April 3rd, 2006


Rainy days and Mondays always get me down...

Today is both. Hope we aren't going to get anything like the tornadoes that swept through the midwest.

Actually, my mood is good, despite, or perhaps because of, the lack of sleep.

I didn't go to my mom's yesterday. I called and told her I had to take care of somre things for me. A fair request after working my @$$ off for her on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Then, my mom called at 12:15am. I did not answer the phone, she knew I had to be up for work at 6:00am, who the hell calls at that hour unless they're dying?

I am nibbleseome this morning...

Today I have to work on the monthly reports, but tomorrow I am going to post something happy in my journal. I promise!
Why Me? Penguin

Oh yes...

I forgot...

I missed DH and GA last night. I will buy a copy if anyone taped or DVR-D them... I will pay for the tape/dvd, plus shipping plus $5 for your kindness in doing it for me...


My Sunday night shows have been so helpful in keeping my sanity. You all want me to be sane, don't you???

Parasol by the Door


Especially funny for me and rainpuddle13:

A little boy ran away from home and a police officer saw him and said "Hey little boy, what are you doing?" The little boy replied "I'm running away from home." The cop asked him "Why are you doing that?" The little boy replied "Because my dad beats me." The cop says "Oh, well get in the car and I will take you to your mother's." And the little boy says "No, no! She beats me too!" The cop says "Do you have an uncle?" "Yes but he beats me too", replied the little boy. And the cop says "Get in the car and I'll take you to your grandmother's then." The little boy says "No, no, no! My grandmother beats me also."

The cop says "Well little boy, is there anywhere I can take you where nobody will beat you?" And the little boy says "Take me to live with Dale Earnhardt Jr. because he can't beat anybody."