May 2nd, 2006

Why Me? Penguin

In no particular order...

Things I need:

- A nap

- To remember to DVR GMA for the rest of May

- To enroll in my 401K by July, actually I think it is a 403B but why split hairs?

- For the pollen to go away

- To get these bills out ASAP

- A more challenging job

- To learn CSS

- To take a trip somewhere interesting before October, anyone want me to come visit for a day or two?

Another list

I believe:

- That true faith doesn't require lots of show

- That I live in the greatest country on the planet and I am so fortunate to have liberty and opportunity that many do not, and that therefore I have a great responsibility to promote peace and liberty and light wherever possible

- That dreams don't come true without a lot of hard work

- That without hope there is nothing to live for

- That I can be happy if I will it so

- That cows can fly (didn't anyone see Twister ;P)
van Gogh's Night Cafe (interior)

Mea culpa

Awwww, sorry Charlie.

In other news I read an interesting document today wherein a high ranking official actually used the phrase mea culpa. Despite the fact that this was in a semi formal document, my interior monologue was shouting, "my bad yo". *snort*