July 14th, 2006

Casual Owen

Morning Montage

From this morning's New York Times movie reviews:

Despite Ms. Hudson’s itsy-bitsy bikini and that dollop of butter, “You, Me and Dupree” remains a limp attempt to wed a romantic comedy to a buddy comedy, largely because the filmmakers see women as visitors from another planet, which is more or less what they now are in Hollywood. Not surprisingly, as is often the case with comedies like this, the important love in the film — the one that dares not speak its name, but compels the guys to toss around the word “homo” so no one gets the wrong idea — isn’t between a man and woman, but two male friends.

The review is lacklustre, the movie likely will be too; but I'll go see it anyway. One guess why...

Other movies I'd like to see soon:
1. Water
2. Edmond
3. The Oh in Ohio
4. Superman Returns
5. Wordplay

I was watching some news program (MSNBC I think, I was half asleep) and they were talking about the Valerie Plame civil suit. There are lots of interesting legal issues involved. Their political correspondant was jabbering, but the legal correspondant brought up some really important points, a few of which are entertained in this article.

I love to travel, but this scares me!

"Basically, you've given everybody a little radio-frequency doodad that silently declares 'Hey, I'm a foreigner,'" says author and futurist Bruce Sterling, who lectures on the future of RFID technology. "If nobody bothers to listen, great. If people figure out they can listen to passport IDs, there will be a lot of strange and inventive ways to exploit that for criminal purposes."

Capote fans MUST see this!