July 26th, 2006

Why Me? Penguin

How Now?

I read somewhere, possibly in slammerkinbabe's LJ that one hears the word cow just about everyday of one's life. Did I read that right? It seems an odd thing to think or say...

In any case, the brilliant alphapythia mentioned cows in her journal which lead me on a search that turned up this article about phoneme development, which was interesting enough that I thought it was worthy of a link.

Am feeling rather foggy today, but yay, yoga tonight with powchili!
Why Me? Penguin

I prefer to call them lightning bugs...

Interesting firefly facts.

An article from a favorite former professor of mine on the same...

I don’t like to call them fireflies, though. The name sounds too “poetic” to my ears, mildly pretentious. “Lightning bugs” sounds homey, basic. They are, after all, bugs, a type of beetle. I like them, sure, and I can’t imagine what summer would be like without them. But that doesn’t mean I have to romanticize them.