July 28th, 2006

Carpe Diem

Fridays, you gotta love 'em...

Today is my last day here. Thank goodness I have vacation next week. I could use it. And yay, New York even! vanyavende please email me. Pud and I get in around 1pm and were hoping you could meet us for lunch? Call me if you still have my number. I will try and comment to your journal this weekend with it in case you don't.

And, finally! An article about how the Bush administration's NASA policies are dangerous even if they are very cool. Who doesn't want to go to Mars? The problem is none of us probably wants to live there. I actually know a woman who works as a climatologist for NASA who is job hunting because of the massive cutbacks in funding for atmospheric science programs.
It's crazy how interconnected something like the space platform can be with other issues that are going on.

In short, it's just as valid for NASA to ask why is the sky blue? At least as important as whether there is life on Mars.

Not that we have much to worry about. I am sure someone in the middle east will nuke the earth before global warming kills us all anyway.