June 27th, 2007


Like a horrendous car wreck ...

I don't know if anyone has seen the strange details emerging from the investigation of the death of wrestler Chris Benoit and his family, but, ummm, whoa... effing crazy shit doesn't even come close...

A couple of things don't add up to me:

1. The text messages (Posted at WWE.com) - All were sent within a span of five to ten minutes from both his and his wife's cell phone. Current speculation suggests that he wanted to indicate the location of the bodies before hanging himself. But a)if you're going to be dead anyway, what does it matter when they find the corpses? and b)reports indicate that he had just moved, but why would you text your friends and co-workers with a full street address instead of something like "home"? For that matter why text at all, why not just call?

Also, the text says the dogs are contained in the enclosed pool area, but authorities apparently had toruble entering the house because of the dogs, were they contained and then let loose by Benoit or someone else prior to the police arrival?

2. Placement of the bodies and timeline - If the Forensic Psychiatrist's speculation is anywhere near correct, why not place all the bodies together in one room? Why wait that long between killing the wife and the son and yourself? If the "roid rage" theory has any merit... how long could that last? 36 hours seems like a stretch to me.

This doesn't of course mean he didn't do it. The police are still processing lots of the evidence from the scene. I suppose when the tox reports come back they'll know more. The events just seem inexplicable, of course I guess that is part of why we say deranged people do deranged things. Whatever the case, I feel awful for his other two kids and his remaining family.